Help, what should I do?

I am going out with my boyfriend and we have been going out for around a month but today I am speaking to one of his friends. But we have been speaking to each other since 17.00 and its 11.00 We are still currently talking to eachother now


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  • Yeah I agree you two were only talking. What is wrong with you getting along so well with his friend?

    • were getting along really well, progressing into a relationship maybe

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    • But we had so much in common it's unbelievable and we have spoke everyday for the past week. I don't know whether to dump my boyfriend considering I've been going out with him for 1 month

    • Well have you talked to him friend about it? He might only view you as a friend. Because your his mates girl. Talk it out with the guy first. If he would like to date you then break up with your boyfriend for some reason wait a month or two and then start going out with that guy.

  • What's with with talking..
    only thing wrong here is you thinking that you're wrong it shows that you're not sure of you feelings for your boyfriend..
    tell this guy you're going to sleep.. Done

  • Don't cheat is what


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