Worried for my daughter's safety what do I do?

Recently my daughter's school has been flooding with new kids, one in particular looks really sketchy, plus I have heard he has killed someone before and he's in here gym class, he's friends with the people that make fun of her too, what should I do? Am I just over reacting?


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  • 1. Maybe you are over reacting.
    2. But I won't dismiss such things as over reaction
    3. Clearly changing the school isn't an option here else this question wouldn't be here
    4. You can keep your daughter advised in a tactful manner (just in case you don't realize 'tactful' is very important - if you go saying that you think this one is shady, she may just get more inquisitive and curious thus get involved)
    5. I'm sure since you are in the US, if this boy etc has killed someone etc he must be having some sort of supervision, tracker etc?
    6. Watch her, keep her advised but not to the extent of her feeling controlled or suffocated else she'll only rebel even if unwittingly


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