Am I the victim?

Heard of a saying that says even God can create a rock he can't lift. I'm stuck. As fuck. I don't know who I am. Every thing I look up has multiple answers. I can do some things but not most. Did I limit myself did someone else. What the fuck am I doing. Is truth to far away to accept.


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  • If you don't mind me asking what are you looking up and what are you using to define yourself? Why do you feel stuck?

    • I think I just benefited so much from playing dumb that I got used to it. And I'm twenty. I don't know if I should create more or just clock in. And let the future just be.

    • It's never too late to change your fate esp. if you know you were playing dumb.

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  • I think you're just going crazy and you need help.


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  • i don't hear anything here that suggests you are a victim. but you didn't really explain the issue to much

    it sounds like you are just dealing with some stuff right now.

    • I think I'm just getting old and trying to rush everything for me to come on top. It sounds too deep. I had people to talk to. I think I need counseling

    • counseling may help. you are only 20 so you have TONS of life ahead of you. you have plenty of time to "come out on top".

  • What makes you say that?

    • I think I'm just over dramatic. But that answer doesn't seem comfortable