Does It Bother You When People Can't Grammar?

I get when English isn't their first language, but when people are in a primarily English speaking country and speak English everyday, especially when it's such an obvious mistake, does it annoy you? Or am I just being a privileged imbecile?

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  • Nothing is more annoying. Sometimes it seems that people who speak English natively are the ones who are the worst at it.

  • its the internet and im lazy so i dont often bother with punctuation and stuff, but when people who are supposed to speak English natively can't even tell "they're" "there" and "their" apart, i die a little inside. like zooot said its seems the natives are the worst lol

    • obviously you can't blame americans though - they are the offspring of europe's chavs from 200 years ago. they never spoke English to begin with. haha even when i watch American tv i need subtitles!

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