Asking for promotion and all I keep getting when I bring it up is "Sounds great!" are they just B. S. ing me?

I'm frustrated with my work right now because a lot of people have quit recently and someone else who is newer than men and is still pretty lousy at the job has been promoted and I haven't so I'm super insulted and when I talk about a promotion they just say "Oh I'm super excited to hear that" or "That's great."

I'm just being screwed with and just assume that they won't let it happen right?


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  • They need an incentive to promote you.

    Are you looking for other work? Have you any prospects that would allow you to go into the boss' office and demand a promotion or else you'll quit?

    • I could do that. They have incentive because the positions I'm looking at are vacant since the people that have quit are those in those positions. I'm one of the last trained people at work and one of the longest remaining which is why I'm livid someone newer got promoted (they've been kissing managements ass) even though they are still a liability a lot of the time.

      But yeah I'm quitting if it doesn't happen because I refuse to stay the way things currently are.

  • Begging for a promotion rarely works, I would just find another job.

    • I don't beg. I'm not the ass kissing type. I told them I want it and explained why I should have it they are heavily under employed so I'm a little shocked right now.