Is this guy telling the truth or has he forgotten?

I confronted this guy about him creating a scene in a lab. Two boys were acting loud behind me. I could almost SWEAR it was him.

When I finally asked him 3 months later, he seemed confused like he said what, when? Then when I told him he said I think you got the wrong person I barely was at school during the summer.

I don't know what to believe. I think if he was a jerk he wouldn't have responded so maybe he was telling the truth

I sometimes wonder if I'm mad
Maybe I am so unimportant he doesn't remember


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  • You held this in and brought it up 3 months later you psycho.

    • I hold all my feelings in.

      But the thing is... is he telling the trurh

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    • I'm surprised you think I'm dense. I write well and most people don't think that.

      This guy worked with me in a project he knows who I am. Plus he seems to remember we had classes together last summer. Either I got the wrong guy or he was just being silly that day not trying to hurt me

  • Well, if he was prone to that kind of behaviour normally, it may be hard for him to pinpoint one particular scenario amongst all of the others...

    • Maybe. But I'm sure if someone is actually messaging him he's probably more likely to remember.

      Sometimes I wonder if I'm mad

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    • No, not at all... if anything, he should be embarrassed that he forgot or eve behaved that way...

    • He doesn't seem to be.

      He just wrote, "I think you have the wrong person I must have gone to like 4 classes the whole summer etc."

      I was like... he doesn't seem like an arrogant guy if he's admitting all that so then was I confused or just over-analyzed his actions

  • Was this really such a big deal that you needed to bring it up to him three months later?

    Did he threaten to choke you out into submission or something, like I would do?

    • It was to me.

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    • Look, I don't wanna fill up the comments and you're getting kinda confusing on me, so if you wanna continue this conversation, message me, or something.

    • Ok I messaged you

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