Do you think Paternity Tests should be included in the price of medical deliveries?

It's a nightmare for any guy, but the current statistic of fathers who have unknowingly raised a child that isn't their own is between 5 and 15%. Even if we're generous and say it's 7.5%, with a US population of men who are fathers at over 70.1 million. That's still 532,500 fathers raising another mans child unknowingly.

That 70.1 population statistic is as of 2008, which is the most current available population consensus for fathers ( ). So the number of men raising someone else's child is well past 532,500 by this point.

Personally, I think that 1% is enough of a reason to make this change and have hospitals require paternity test as a required procedure involved with the rest for each visit. The price of delivery is currently at $3,500 in the US. If you throw in prenatal, delivery-related and post-partum healthcare, and you're looking at an $8,802 for total medical costs today. A legal DNA paternity test only costs between $300 and $500. Considering how expensive this whole ordeal is, an additional 300 - 500 is really not much at all. So $9,102 to $9,302 instead of $8,802.

The doctor's could handle the procedure and only notify the family if the test comes back showing he's not the father, so as not to be a nuisance for the majority of families. But the 5 to 15% of fathers will be spared from getting screwed over.

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My perspective: there's clearly a problem in our country. Rather than ignoring it or choosing to do nothing. Why not put a system in place to solve the problem?

I'm not some paranoid dude lol


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  • yes i think so

  • No, because not every guy is as paranoid as you are. If you distrust your Partner so much, maybe you have no business bringing her to the maternity ward or even being with her at all. This paranoia is ridiculous. Not every womenw is out to get you

    • 1. I don't currently have a girlfriend.

      2. I've never been distrusting of a girl I've dated. I'm actually about as far as you can be from paranoid.

      3. I think that it should be required solely because of the sheer number of men that are getting screwed over today and have no way of knowing because they're not "paranoid". They're just trusting the one they're with. As you should in a relationship. But when that trust goes to someone that didn't deserve it and that ends up hurting you and hemorrhaging you of funds for years to come... I think it'd be cool if we looked out for other people.

      So chill out with that tone.

  • $300-$500 will be automatically deducted from my health insurance to prove that I'm not a liar/cheater? That's too much money.

    • 150 to 250. I'd imagine your man would be working as well. But that's on top of the other 8,800 already being spent

    • Father's name on the birth certificate simply means he is the legal guardian of the child. He doesn't necessarily have to be the biological father. Lot's of infertile couples conceive through IVF or hire anonymous sperm donors. The identity of the biological father can be completely irrelevant to non-traditional parents.

    • This is true, but the father is knowingly doing so. The issue isn't raising a child that's not his. The issue is unknowingly raising another mans child, because he had no reason to think otherwise. How many men would back out of the situation if they knew they were cheated on?

      That's the same thing as backing out of marriage the day of, when you find out your spouse has outrageously high debt you weren't previously aware of.

What Guys Said 4

  • Most definitely. Every single man deserves to know.

    • Agreed. Although if I knew I was the father and the doctor came around to tell me, I'd be annoyed lol. That's why I also think it should just be done and only notify you if you're not.

  • I'd support it, but I dont imagine many women supporting it. So it's kind of a lost cause.

    • Yea. I think the majority of guys would and only a small margin of women. It'd be cool if the test was free.

  • I would have it outside - It is something that needs to be discussed between the couple - It is like assuming your partner cheated on you from the start.

    • Have it outside the hospital visit? And I agree, based on the way it is now. That's why the question is do you think it should just be apart of the whole process, before you get to take the child home or sign the birth certificate.

  • No, that's unnecessary.