Is there a way to not feel others emotions if you just realized you have traits of an empath?

I just recently realized i have empath traits and im just starting to understand why I've been the way i am. Some good examples of my empath traits is when I was at my old job and made friends with a kid who had anger problems directed at about 5 co workers. When I was around him I started to feel his rage and felt the need to be angry at those 5 co workers because of what they were doing to my friend. Another example is when I am at my local McDonalds, there's this cashier who I have no reason to be nervous around and I end up getting nervous around her. I don't get nervous around people naturally. And that same feeling came up today at the pool when this lifeguard noticed me I felt that same nervousness. It passed when she stopped focusing on me.

It's just annoying to feel emotions that I don't naturally feel by myself. Are there any empaths here who know how to block these feelings? These indcidents happen on the daily and I only don't feel these emotions when I isolate myself.


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  • You need to distance yourself so you can find your own homeostasis again. Somehow you need to detach but I can't tell you how to do it because I haven't figured it out myself.

    • I figured out somehow how to separate my own emotion with others. I got into a fight with my sister and I felt like an asshole after and I had this overwhelming feeling of guilt that wouldn't go away. Then while I was at the pool, the same lifeguard went into the hot tub and sat around me and i felt her nervousness while feeling my own guilt. Ill learn my own method of identifying where the emotion is coming from. I wish I was oblivious to emotions. I tried and it backfired on me.

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