Ever asked for advice and the person that's giving it ends up making you feel worse?

I asked for advice on a man and the person started on me questioning my mental health and if i feel everyone's out to get me?

actually questioning myself if I'm sane now.


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  • what is the meaning of "sane"?
    we all have something that sets us apart from other people.

    9 out of 10 people see a psychiatrist or have other counselling of sorts. its not actually something to be ashamed of

    when you say "he made me feel worse about myself" i say you may be better off if you were less prone to getting influenced by other people's opinions. its your life, do what you want, but when you break your knee, you will want it to heal too right? so why your knee but not your brain? its just another body part that you can influence.


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  • People give advice based on either their own experiences or own perception.

    So it's usually neither right or wrong.. it's up to you how you respond to it. You can either decide it's valid by helping you to see things from another perspective or view it as worthless.

    He's judging you based on his own assumptions about you , that doesn't means it's the truth. I'd never question my own sanity based on a strangers opinion of me, especially over the internet


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  • yeah that happened to em lots of times

  • Some people are just asshiles


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  • That's why I don't like to ask anyone anything in person.