Why did she just laugh about it? Shouldn't she be mad about it?

So there was this girl in my class today who was wearing yoga pants, and she went to talk to the teacher about something, but I was already there with the teacher because of something i did, but when the girl got there she had her shirt above her camel toe (vagi**), and I just glanced at it and when I look at her she was already looking at me and just smiled after I looked at it.

I mean she saw me look at it, smiled like when you see something funny, but didn't get mad at all. Girls are hard to read sometimes!!!


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  • There's really no way to know why she reacted the way she did. It could have just been a natural thing to smile, whether she saw you looking at her a certain way or not.

  • If she picked the outfit than she knows what it looks like. She was teasing and/or flirting with you. She wouldn't be angry since she's the one choosing to dress that way.


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