Does anybody else get sick to their stomache when seeing their ex?

This 1 x of mine literally makes me wanna throw up when I see her and thinking of her makes me sick to my stomach. I ended the relationship cause didn't work, she now made me switch schools. so I have to drive 45 minutes every morning just to goto highschool (11th grade)
Does this happen to anyone else though?

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  • I have three ex-girlfriends. Two of them I never get to see because they live in a different country. The third one is a girl I had a pretty long and serious relationship with as a teenager but she eventually broke up with me. The breakup was very painful for me and it took me almost three years to get over it. However, we remained buddies and now we're still something like acquaintances. I see her about 1-2 a year and luckily I don't feel like puking when I see her. We're not close anymore but we still have some friendly smalltalk. Then again, our relationship lies 12 years back, so it would be childish in my case to still act so hurt.

    • This relationship lasted a year+, ended 3 months ago. also was my first girlfriend that lasted more then a month

    • I understand you feel very upset about that. I felt the same way when my first serious girlfriend broke up with me. Like Cat Stevens already sang: the first cut is the deepest.

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