Having a feeling your managers lied, but no proof?

So hear me out. I can read vibes very well. Awhile back there was a situation where I got four managers in trouble that almost got them fired. I'm the inventory manager. Anyways Two of them bully me all the time and I have multiple people who can say the same thing. My store manager doesn't only bully me, but others too. When I got them in trouble I had a feeling they were going to try and find any excuse to write me up for revenge. Sure enough they did. Today was suppose to be my day off, but I went in for three hours. I was going to be the floor manager so they can recruit new workers. I don't think they went to recruit. Just - a feeling I had. When they came back, their vibe was very weird. I personal think one of our workers saw them out at lunch (a lot of restaurants near my work). Like they were scared and worried. They were also trying to be too nice to me. People tell me everything that happens there. They all have my back and even stand up for me. If I find out the truth should I call hr?


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  • Trust your gut and find proof. then report them

    • And when I left they were trying to act dumb. I got a text about if I did something, and they already knew I did it. Their behavior was odd

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    • Any luck?

      Thanks for the MHO!

    • No but I'm just gonna watch my back and pay attention

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  • Sounds like they are being highly unprofessional and if theyre trying to write you up for no reasons i would confront them first. You pretty much have blackmail on them if they really were at lunch

    • The thing is I don't know, just a BIG feeling. I swear, I might sound crazy for it
      But I someone called asking for the store manager. I told them they were not there, and offered to try and help them. They said that they really needed the store manager. I don't know just the tone of her voice seemed off. I think the company is very much investigating them. They have done many "wrong" things. Just also their energy was very weird. A part timer I know walks near the restaurants, to get home, and I think she also saw them. It's a huge feeling. I have no proof though. But a lot of people have a vendetta against him, so if anything he should be scared

    • Well then it will definitely catch up with them. You may not even have to lift a finger if a majority of the people working there have an issue with them

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  • It appears they are being unprofessional towards you in the work place and this could potentially be considered creating a Hostile Work Environment and there are laws against this type of behavior depending on your area. Therefore, I would advise contacting your HR department and letting them know what you're feeling and what you believe is happening, and ask them to start an investigation. These days, HR departments take this very, very, seriously. You need to follow your instincts in this matter, but if you feel strongly enough about it and feel you are in the 'right' then you most assuredly should contact your HR. Don't hold your tongue as one would say and let them get away with what their doing, because it is inappropriate and you have a right to stand up for yourself. Don't let them bully you any longer, or your work life is going to get worse. That's my bottom line.

    • Thank you
      But I can't call hr and say I think or have a feeling
      I'm truly believe someone else will
      It makes me laugh

    • Understandable. Trust in yourself that is the best that you can do right now if you can't go to HR.

  • Oh I had proof... They said "No. Don't worry. There's not going to be a lay-off..." then *boom* a few weeks later, I get laid-off.

    • Sad
      I'm sorry

    • That's OK honey. That was in 1993/4. Since then, I've learned a very valuable life lesson which my wife learned the hard way as well:

      Whenever there is a "re-org" (reorganization of the departments/divisions within a company), lay-offs will follow. There are no exceptions.

    • That's true
      Very interesting

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