Is it possible for a guy to look you straight in the eye and for it to not mean anything?

I felt like... he was just trying to either see if I liked him or if I was being nice.


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  • You were overthinking. He just liked you, and was paying attention to your facial expressions.

    • No I seriously doubt he liked me. It was randomly when I walked into class and it was definitely a pre-planned look as though he almost meant to catch my eye when I came.

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    • I do like him but I realize that his state of mind will be different from mine.

      And by that I mean, (pure and simple) his will be stressed and irritable because of so much focus on school. Mine used to be focused on school but not anymore.

    • That's nothing you can change. You only can ask him out, and if it doesn't work move to someone else that is really interested.

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  • yea some people are like this

  • But guys always look you straight in the eyes how will you even know?

    • Really?

    • people always look me right in my eyes. Guess I'm just weird lol.. It's usually me that looks away bc of being shy