Should I just give up if I'm not good with numbers?

I'm just not.

I mean if I work hard then yeah. I get good grades.

But I'm not naturally good at it, I know that.


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  • You're 25-29. What math are you taking? Is this college math? Or is your age incorrect?

    Most people have to put in a little bit of effort to be good at math. I'm good at the simple stuff because I know a lot of tricks. I remember algebraic formulas, and I believe I could solve them if presented with one, but I never learned how to use that in real life. I can't imagine a context where I would use it, and even if I could use it I probably wouldn't have any idea.

    In conclusion just worry about passing the class.


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  • that depends: unless you're an engineer or an accountant, you'll never need anything beyond basic arithmetic anyway.

    in high school, math was required until grade 11... so i took only the courses i needed to graduate and that was it. i suck at math. but i'm a literature major, so i don't use any of that stuff anyway.

    • I was considering accountancy.

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    • Wow that really is an inspiring story.

      I understand what you mean entirely about the grades change. Sometimes I feel as though even in my major, there were times I displayed mediocrity in a subject area and felt that maybe I do something I'm a lot more proficient in.

      What's the point being average in something, might as well be the best version of yourself because that's what makes one person different from the other. I used to take English courses in University having been interested in Literature myself and I know how hard it is to score anything higher than an A- on a school paper.

      Congratulations on your A+.. I wish you the best in your career as a writer :)

    • very sound advice, indeed! i'm glad you took something from my little story, and i wish you the best in whichever field you choose. :)

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  • No. Not everything takes tons of math, just keep doing your best!
    I know the feels though. I had a warehouse job once as a picker. All I had to do was count. But, never failed, I would mess up 2-4 times a day. Granted I had to count out individual parts into the thousands, and sometimes I would spend a couple hours just sitting and counting. But still, all I had to do was count.
    But, even if it's your worst subject just keep workin on it. Good luck!

  • Give up on a phd in physics? yeah probably.
    Give up on High School or undergrad in a non math field? No it is definitely not a good idea for your future.

  • Im natural at math so i dont know when it comes to you


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