I lead a loser's life and iam jealous of everyone why?

I am poor, yes i admit it , iam a 21 years old guy who worked hard for few years to improve himself and at 19 i did, i had a job, good body, the looks, the attention from girls and friends , people look at me and think iam actually something, tall, handsome, great style and seem really confident and attractive, and a college student, except that i've got nothing, really i have nothing.

all the money i have is spent on school, i've been on one short vaction in entire life, dated 2 girls and it didn't last more than a couple months, i see everyone around me, going on vacations, getting laid, having fun and not really worrying while i never do any of that, i wanna get laid but i can't even get to the club or pay the enterance fee, i supposedly live in a first world country, and everyone i know has all the electronic gadets, each family has at least 2 cars and go on holidays, 2-3 times a year to Europe. while i've got nothing.

it will not get betterin the next 4 years cause thats how long i have left of my studies, i know guys who are 3 years younger and are having lots of fun while i've got nothing, no car, money or really place of my own i can risk asking a girl out, what am i going to pick her up with? a buss? Scooter?

you're gonna say" its fine many peopl live like that" or " its a phase it will pass" ... it might eventually pass after my youth is over, and some people do live like this the minority, basically i've realised over the years that iam part of a very small minority that really has no resources to anything in life.

i really need honest opinions not a pat on the back.


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  • Attitude has a lot to do with things. You don't have to be all rainbows and butterflies, but if you can't look at things a bit more positive, you're going to continue to feel the way you feel right now.
    You're 21 and will finish your studies in 4 years. 25 is not a bad age to achieve this, and isn't too old to start having the fun you think you're missing. When you say that you live in a first world country, that must mean there are plenty of things to do that are free. While they aren't clubs or parties, they are better than nothing. How about the school you go to? They should also have things that you can do that don't cost anything... and while you're at these events, chances are you will meet girls. Maybe even girls that have the same struggle as you and are more concerned with finishing school and not how much of their bar tab you will be paying.
    Its all perspective, if you can try to change yours, you may see a difference and enjoy life.


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  • You gotta play the hand you're dealt. I assume you were not born to rich parents? Either way, you are placing too much emphasis on material wealth, go find a girl who doesn't care and be happy man.

    • you've got to have at least something to begin with i've got nothing everything i have minus the food and shelter is what i bought myself, i can't afford a car which means i can't go anywhere at night, or even go far, buses won't cut it since its not 24/7 and girls will not care for a while but at some point they want somekind of a ressasurance that you're a functioning guy with... at least something to offer, maybe it seems like iam focusing on material wealth too much but since i've got nothing i can't really not focus on it.

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    • Yeah i try convincing myself that to be honest and i like that fact that iam paying for myself, but at other times my lack of money makes me kinda sad i wanna have fun but things cost money , money that i lack, so going to the bar, club or buying a new suit or clothes takes money...

      as for the girls no it has never happened by indirectly some girls have kinda avoided having anything with me because they have a guy around who has much more money evne though they are much more attracted to me. i never get too deep with women or tell them about my financial state, iam sure if i did plenty of them will reject me.

    • Plenty of them will reject you, but there will be those that don't. You think rich guys don't get rejected too? So she rejects you... fine whatever, College is a target rich environment 😆Put it this way, you miss 100% of the shots you never take. Rejection isn't something to be feared.

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