Help me find a name for my YouTube channel please?

I want to start a new YouTube channel about lifestyle, beauty, DIYs, ... etc.
Please help me find a name to this channel.

  • My wholesome life
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  • Gold and Marble
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  • AyaDIY (my name is Aya)
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  • Golden freckles
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  • iAya or iamAya
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  • Simple but Significant
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  • None (please suggest something)
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  • I like Golden Freckles

  • Ayabeautiful

  • what kind of channel are you making?

    • I already said that it's a lifestyle, DIYs, beauty, and fashion channel. Kind of a little bit of everythig. Please Help!

    • how about, beauty freckles? or Golden beauty, or Rules of beauty, or Simple beauty

    • I like the first one even though I don't want to include the word beauty into the name since I don't want people to think that it's only about beauty and makeup

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