Can't Reply to people directly anymore?

I have been absent from this site for awhile... and I've just come back and noticed that there were quite a few changes (yay the dislike button is back)... but one such change is horrible.

Why can't I directly reply to someone who has replied to a comment?

For example, someone asks a question. Person A answers the question. Person B responds to the answer of the question. I want to respond to Person B rather than Person A and now I can't directly respond to that person without having to type out their name... like I remember in the past you'd press reply and automatically a @ person's name would show up... so then you could all know exactly what the comment is referring to without having to be very specific. That feels like a huge inconvenience and so... my question is, why did they get rid of this?

I have a hard time navigating this site and trying to find the update notes... so if anyone knows, or if I'm misunderstanding something, I'd appreciate a answer.


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  • this site still have this option, but if your replying to the asker then it won't show that person's name, and also if your trying to reply to a anon, then it also won't show the name

    • That's not what happened when I just tried it.

      There was a question asked, and a person answered. Another person replied to that answer. Then another person did, and another, and another... so there's like 5 different people all replying to that answer. I wanted to specifically respond to one of the 5 people who were all conversing on that one answer... and I pressed reply on the person I wanted to reply to, and it just came out like a normal reply, with no at person's name tag so it was confusing to know who was talking to whom. So, do I now have to type out @ person's name myself? Does no one else even notice this?

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    • well thats weird, whenever i reply other than the asker or a anon, the name appears automatically

    • That's what it used to do for me, as well. But now it doesn't and it drives me crazy :P

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  • It depends on which "reply" you click. Each answer and comment to that answer has a reply button within their answer box. If you click the one for a comment, then it automatically puts the @ name in it.

    If you click the "reply" for the original answer, or the "reply" for the question asker, it won't add the @. Because in both of those cases they will automatically get a notification with the @

    • I'm not trying to reply to the original answer or the question asker, but to a random person who replied to the question asker.

      For example, I've provided this screenshot

      I specifically press the reply button next to the Deck---- comment, yet that tag does not show up. It's just a blank box. And when I proceed to type and submit, it just looks like a normal reply, so then it's confusing to know who is talking to who (when the conversation gets longer that is)

    • If you click the reply button in the box for Deco, then it should automatically use the @.

      Let's say that Deco replies to my comment here. You are the asker. I answer you question. Then deco comments on my answer. If you or I click the reply in Deco's box it will add the @.

      If any of the three of us click the reply in my box or your box it will not add the @. That's because we will get a notification without the @.

  • The name of person B should show up if you click reply in their comment box

  • press the reply button below the post you want to reply to and it does exactly what you're describing

  • There's a reply button next to person B's name.

    • Yes, but when you click on it, it doesn't show up @ that person's name and just adds your opinion to the mix.
      It wasn't like that before.
      It would specify who you were talking to and make conversations less all over the place.

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