Do even the most intelligent boys crumble at the sight of a beautiful girl?

Even if she's not as clever as him


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  • Of course.

    No matter how self-possessed or poised we are, when we see that sunkissed radiant skin, those glowing golden brown locks juxtaposed against the sun, we turn to mush.

    Our legs become weak. We begin to fantasize. We start wondering about the girl. What she likes doing, what she's scared of, what are her deepest, darkest secrets, what are her dreams for the future.

    As soon as we see her breathtaking beauty, we are awestruck. It's only part of being human. No man is not susceptible to a confident woman. As soon as our eyes lock, our soft gazes penetrate each other's soul, and part of me now belongs to her, and part of her now belongs to me, and you can't take it back, no matter how hard you try. You don't care about demographics or social compatibility, you only know that you could spend the rest of your life staring into those warm, beautiful pair of eyes.

    • But like... the guy if he's really smart he's probably more into school

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    • Sometimes I'm scared one day I'm going to stop being beautiful and no one will love me

    • Nonesense, there is a man and woman for everybody. There will always be people that find you attractive, they just might be too hesitant or shy to ask you out. That random conversation you start at a concert or party may spark something special.

      Also, confidence is sexy.

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  • Nope

  • when i was young lol
    now hot girls barely faze me
    cause i know there's a bunch of crazy
    in there head some where lol

    plus hot girls usually study less

    • About the studying thing... do boys even care about that/

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    • It does take time.

      I almost feel as though... being book smart is not an easy thing no matter how clever you are because you have to use your brain a lot.

      I dont think people understand the amount of intensity that goes inot school... it's crazy

    • you want knowledge ask GOD
      and i know that sounds crazy
      but it worked for me

      i can show you thinks that are weird even to me

  • Yes why not?

  • girls don't realize how intimidating beautiful girls are. If only girls knew what they looked like through our eyes... sigh


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