Was my professor being arrogant, or was I as usual overanalyzing?

This professor of mine, who is really well educated etc. on the last day of class when I was speaking to him, his response was, "It was nice to meet you, see you."

Something like that. I was so shocked... he pretty much made me out to be a stranger, as though this is the first time he met me. What was even more insulting is that when I told him I was studying for something related to his profession, he told the student RIGHT before me that that student is welcome to drop by his office. He didn't to me.


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  • Overanalyzing. Let it go

    • I thought he was being rude.

      If he's a prof he should be equally fair to all his students, but he wasn't.

      I think some people are just like that

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  • I think he was being a little rude