Do you have any tips for a teenager travelling alone (International flight)?

Thank you! This isn't my first time in an international flight, it's my first time going on one alone.


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  • You basically have absolutely nothing to worry about. Just watch a few movies, eat food, and listen to music. There is nothing special or scary about an international flight. I will say that make sure you have everything in order when you are going through customs when you arrive at your destination.

    Could you answer my question?

    • Thanks! this isn't the first time I'm going on an international flight it's the first in goin in one alone. I've answered your question.

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  • Be very careful and understand the rules and laws of where you are headed.
    Be mindful of the current situation on the news.
    Don't speak to every and anybody that doesn't feel trustworthy, and that includes guys.
    Always have the main numbers to the nearest embassy and police on speed dial.
    Carry a map with you, and make sure you understand curfew times for your stay.
    Don't travel too far in case you get lost. Always stay away from shady places, and get back to your place of stay before dark.
    Keep on the look out for important alerts regarding the plane and make sure that notify personal for whatever problem you need to ask.

    Other than that I'm sure your aware of everything else that you need to do regarding this flight. But the main thing is remember that you are a female and a minor. There is plenty of people who will take advantage of you, god forbid kidnap, rape, or human traffic. As long as you know this, your fine. Best regards and be safe. Also follow up with your parents everyday at an appropriate time.

    • Thank you so much! I'm actually going to University. It's just the flight is over 11 hours and I've never been a lone on a flight without family members. Thank you so much through!

    • @Asker You very welcome. I hope to travel at least once when I get into college. So I will say have fun, and enjoy it the best way you can. Just stay away from dangerous situations. No drinking and parting crap. But I can't tell you what to do. That is where it becomes so dangerous because your by yourself and you don't know anybody who can help you, let alone who to trust.

    • You're very correct. It's best to stay away from partying and drinking (I'm Muslim so I can't even drink). I'll stay away from dangerous situations and I'll be very careful.

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  • Kick back and relax and watch a movie

  • . Be prepared.

    • What does that mean?

    • Take everything you need. Know where to go. Know how to get around there, all that ish

    • Oh! Alright then. Thank you!

  • Just do it its not rocket science.


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