Do you think black women are creeped out by albino men?

I just don't know. Every time I just look at a black woman they look at me weird and when I try to talk to them, they give off a they don't feel comfortable vibe. I don't have any other choices, because I'm not attracted to other races.

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  • People in general are not used to seeing albinos. I don't think I've ever seen one in person and only in pictures. It's even more uncommon to approached by one romantically. People are going to react. Just let them get to know you first. Rejection will happen as it does with everyone, but don't give up.


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  • I think most people are some people mistake me for albino een though I am not lol


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  • I think everyone is a little surprised by albinos, only one I've seen was the rapper Brother Ali at an event
    He was awesome and I'm pretty sure he's married to a black woman.

  • No, and if anyone is it's probably just that they're not used to seeing albino people and not because they're creeped out. Also are you a black albino or a different race?

    • Yeah, that makes sense. I'm black tho.

    • Oh okay just wondering and yeah. I'm sure they're more curious than anything else.

  • I don't think so. That's so cool there's an albino on here, my dad and little brother is albino. Lol. Maybe, they're just not used to seeing albinos. Are you shy or awkward?


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