The Jonbenet ramsey case, who killed her?

For those who have been following the case which do you think killed her? And do you think they will ever catch killer? And do you think the family had any involvement? I'm not sure but I'm leaning more to they didn't have any involvement.

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  • 100% believe an intruder (s) came into the house.
    John was targeted because he was a rich man in a small community and someone had something against him, so he went after the daughter. There was a broken window leading to the basement, and I truly believe someone got in the house while the family was at the Christmas party. They had a TON of time to plan everything out, thus explains the 3 page ransom letter. They had hours to write that and get the layout of the house while the family was out.
    I think something went wrong, and she ended up being murdered rather than kidnapped. But I 100% believe someone was waiting in their basement when they came home and until everyone was asleep. Which is terrifying.
    I do not believe the family did it. They were exonerated by DNA. There were stranger's DNA on her underwear and on the inside of her leggings she was wearing. The DNA who that belongs to is the killer.
    The fact people can even assume the family did it, is crazy. In my opinion.

    • I think they're trying to link it to the family because that's a bigger story. But did you hear the phone call that was recently released?

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    • Hmm so it can't be any of those people.

    • I think the killer was someone who knew of the family and who happened to be a pedophile. And is still out there.

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