If you could have any facial expression as your default, what would it convey?

Im not saying it's your only facial expression, just the default one when you're not trying to smile or look mad or whatever.
like a resting______________face.

mine would absolutely make someone feel like they just did something dumb. I want one of those faces.


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  • One of my best friends has that face actually and for years I thought he was handicapped before I finally talked to him and realized he wasn't.

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    • Wait what? He had a face that made you feel bad, as if you had done something dumb, which also made him seemed handicapped?

    • Yes! At least what I picture that face to look like on my mind, he had it. He would just stare everytime we drove by for years until one of my other friends was telling me about this guy she met and I was like "the handicapped guy? He talks to you?" And he was awesome after that! We were best friends for years until we both married. Such a funny guy.

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