Can I get into investment banking even with a not so good GPA?

Not necessarily at a huge investment bank.

Just want to get some work experience, and then make the shift.


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  • Investment bankers live pretty shitty lives lol. Not worth the money in my opinion. I don't think you could get hired with a shitty GPA. They want the best of the best.

    • Sometimes I feel like some aspects of finance CAN be interesting. All that exposure to all kinds of clientele.

      Some of the smaller firms don't even ask for transcripts! And even the minimum mark requirement is a high B which is not that high.

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    • Wasn't really comparing the two. I thought about finance as well but decided to go for engineering so that's why I brought it up. I think certain business degrees are up there next to engineering as far as value within the degree itself. Maybe that's why others compare it. Everyone person that I've known that got into finance did it because of one thing money.. money is nice but it would be miserable to base my career off of money alone. Some people really do enjoy that type of work though so I can respect that. That's just what I've seen and what my friends have told me.

    • I'm not one of those condescending engineers either. I think people should just do what they enjoy.

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  • No. Investment banks require an excellent academic background, even the smallest financial boutique requires an excellent background for their entry level positions.

    • See funnily enough, lots of the firms I've seen postings for actually don't even require transcripts (strange eh)

      Maybe it's because there are now so MANY firms that the best of the best would anyways flock to the bigger firms.

      A lot of analyst postings, I haven't even seen them ask for transcripts

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    • ... and who's the one that still hasn't managed to be recruited by a small ib firm? You, a 25-29 old woman. I suggest you reevaluate what it is you're doing wrong.

    • Wow you truly are a silly person.

      I've never really cared about those careers because I know them for what they are. That being said, I developed an interest in something and am working towards it like any other girl my age.

      You, on the other hand are obsessed with prestige which makes me think you don't get a lot of respect and only want those kind of careers for the money or the name, rather than actually having any real career ambitions