Cheating on wife with ex girlfriend?

I've been married to my wife, Bridget, for a year now. We don't have any children. I have a job here in the UK called "Yo! Sushi" I've been working with them for a couple of months, I'm about to be manager. Here's the problem, my ex girlfriend, first girlfriend, works there. Her name is Megan. Megan and I split up being together for merely 12 years, I was 15 years old then. I was heading into college and she was still in high school about to graduate. I got too busy for her and so... I let her go.

Megan and I have been working at Yo! Sushi for awhile now and been talking and hanging out. As friends. I thought we were friends until one night we were at at work working late. We got off work at the same time and we went outside to the back of the building. She was leaning against the wall looking hot and fuckable. I stood in front of her and I leaned in and kissed her. Megan knows I'm married to put that out there. Also Megan is newly single. She broke off the kiss and had a look of "what the hell are you doing Dan?" I backed away and lit up a cigarette.

I was hot and bothered and I know she was too so I had the idea of her going ahead and go to her house. Then I'll call my wife and tell her I'm doing graveyard shift. Then show up to Megan's house. I did just that. I showed up at Megan's and had sex that night.

I came home an hour after and seen my wife is asleep. I couldn't look at her or lay down next to her knowing I'm a cheater. But I still have feelings for Megan and I know Megan can have children. I'm staring to loose hope to having children with my wife and loosing hope that spark we had before is starting to fade. I delt with it and slept with my wife not cuddling or touching her.

I don't like hurting people but I really do have feelings for Megan and Bridget and I have a fading relationship.

What am I going to do? I'm lost and confused.


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  • You are a jackass.


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  • When your wife finds out (and she will), it will hurt her tremendously. There is no avoiding that, so it's probably best to tell her the truth. Based on what you have written, this marriage is already over; ending it is just a formality at this point.

    • You're right. Thank you Anonymous. I will tell her the truth when I'm off work here in an hour. I know what's going to happen so.. I'm going to need to call someone or get a hotel to stay in until I figure something out.

    • Anonymous you were right my friend. I'm staying with a friend's until I can find my own place which I'm doing right now. She's wanting a divorce and she's going to file for a divorce. It's whatever, our marriage was falling apart as it was.

    • I'm very sorry to hear that, mate. Divorce is a tough thing to go through; I know from experience.