Do you ever Envy the Chinese Model of Employment vs the Western model?

I think theoretically, the western model should be better but not so much in the reality. I am not the biggest fan of China but we have to acknowledge that China as an economy is doing fine with no issues.

A big thing in China is, to get a job REQUIRES that you know someone, a friend of a friend. Word of mouth is one of the strongest aspects of Chinese society. Experience is nice but not essential, they don't even require references often times.


The West, requires up to date references, absolutely relevant experience. Highly competitive cv/resumes. Employers want the absolute best of the best for the job and experience goes a long way.

Yet... in either case, even though china seems to employ people under qualified by western standards for the same job, their economy is doing fine and unemployment is less of an issue. It is much easier to return to work

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  • This is how it works in Romania too and the economy isn't this countrys strength.


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  • the chinese model is better. i think jobs work better based on social relationships that you have. entrepreneurs in the west do a lot of business networking to become successful, i dont see why it would be any different for a normal job? it should work too.


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  • The West is kinda the same way though. You can easily get hired over a less qualified person if you know the right people.

    • yes, but it's less common (in general) than the west. relationships are everything in china, it's an advantage in the west

    • Then I prefer the western way. I am kinda shy and not the best at networking so I would probably be at more of a disadvantage in China.

  • That is stereotype but I heard western has the system too and you can get great commission, if it deal. I think it still need credit of mouth

    • it does, every country does. But it is not standard, it's an advantage in the west. Whereas relationships are everything in china.

    • Yeah I agree they tend to think like that but I found somthing to overcome cause it does not work on commerical purpose. Just can say, you hold your faith you can overcome it. Dont let mouth cover truth.

  • No, I don't envy the Chinese model