Which of the following Antivirus and Internet Security programs are the all-round best for my gaming PC in terms of protection and performance?

Right now, I'm trying to decide between many different programs for my gaming PC to last for a long time. I've installed many of these programs on a free trial but don't want to overkill my PC by running too many of these programs all at once. So far, after doing many research, Kaspersky and Norton seem like the best ones suited for my gaming PC. What do you guys think?

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  • I use Malwarebytes and it helped a lot. It found thousands of malware and viruses on my computer. It couldn't catch everything (like a bad program that had found its way into my system files), but that was because I used to be really clueless about internet safety. It works great on my laptop.

    However, I've had issues on my family's desktop computer. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with that one. Malwarebytes already found everything it could. I have popups disabled in the settings, but it will consistently give me a popup for the program. If you exit out, it comes right back, asking you to get the full version. My laptop doesn't do that. Then again, the other computer does shit on its own. If you set it to sleep in 15 minutes, it will sleep, then LIGHT UP for no reason. Nobody uses it, but it is always on. Also, the task bar will freeze up. You have to press ctrl+alt+delete, use the arrow keys, and open the task manager. That is the only way to get the damn thing to work. That's not the program's fault, though!

    Anyway, malwarebytes is really good. The desktop computer is probably incompatible with Windows 10. I'd have to reset it for it to be normal. If you're not stupid and don't go on horrible websites, malwarebytes will do the trick.

    • ^ I used to mess around with certain programs and Malwarebytes has always been good at removing them.

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    • @posted Not IE. I never use that browser. I did it in every browser, then IE because my boyfriend asked me to. It still didn't do anything.

    • Like I said IE is basically your entire computers internet settings for some things. Regardless if you use it or not.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd just scan with Malwarebytes, but I haven't had a virus in years. I never bother with free trials..

    They severely fuck with your computer when more than one has realtime scanning. Ones you download and just click 'scan' without providing constant protection are fine.


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  • I've always used free Antivirus programs such as Avast or AVG. Also used Malwarebytes Antimalware. There's also methods of using Virtual Machines and VPNs to further protect your system from being completely compromised by various viruses and malware or even hackers.

  • I still and have always used AVG Pretty much, which is free, but yeah whatever you do, dont use Norton, dear lord is that one shitty. Like virus on its own, at least from my experience, had so much bullshit problems with it in the past.

  • I just use Comcast edition of Norton along with the free version of malewarebytes. Norton has served me well, done a good job last week at preventing two trojens from downloading and installing.

  • I use Kaspersky.

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