Did this girl feel bad for treating me badly? Or does she just not care?

This girl, in my group she was treating me horribly. I thought she was jealous of the fact that I was smarter than her in the project we were completing. I was actually in tears.

I saw her a year later, and I was whispering in my friend's ear when I saw her. It wasn't really related to her. She just kept looking at me kind of vulnerable, but then I said, 'you look good,' to my friend and she realized it wasn't about her.

Was just wondering why she cared. Even if I was talking about her, it's not like I was so popular for it to spread.

She is the type of person who has a lot of friends. Hence I was surprised because I thought she wouldn't really care about someone like me who didn't have any.


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  • "who didn't have any" "in my friend's ear" Then you do have friends then. Oh and gossip can hurt even celebrities, let alone other "popular" people.

    • Yeah but why would they care?

      I think she genuinely was curious about what I was saying and it surprised me. Plus it's not like she was being subtle about it.

      If it were me, and someone else was whispering in another's ear, I'd act as though I didn't even notice, why give them a falsified sense of importance

    • She wasn't smart enough to act like this. And why would they care? Because if you gossip bad stuff, they'll feel unsecure. Don't underestimate the power of the gossip.

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  • I think she cares


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  • You are the monster in this story love.

    • Uh... how so?

      See I actually am curious why you think that. Mostly because I believe the way that I communicate an incident, for some reason I end up sounding like the bad guy. I don't know why, maybe because I always take the blame for things even when there is none.

      in my post for example, I didn't really mention any detail about some of the things she did to humiliate me. I can see why the vagueness of the post would not make her out to seem that bad.

      Which goes back to me thinking that maybe part of the reason I don't really get more people on my side is because of my own fault: I'm the one who doesn't communicate the incident to make the other person seem wrong in the first place.

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  • She might just be sensitive