Women are told that they are strong because they are capable of being alone. But no ever says that to a man. Thoughts?


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  • i totally agree on this
    people are very stupid and assholes.


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  • I think the reason for this is that women are pressured by society to "play their role" so to speak and get married, have successful relationships and also produce children someday.

    I think women know they have this pressure on them so they like to support other women who are going through tough times. Not everyone has perfect relationships or marriages that work out. Some women have to raise kids on their own or forge a life for themselves when they are alone.

    Now, we should still support men who are going through these things as well. It's tough for them too!

    I think for men, if they don't have kids it's generally accepted that they just don't want kids. Men don't have that "biological clock", necessarily. So that takes a lot of pressure off. Now they still get pressured. But it's not as bad as women, as it seems you can't win either way.

    We see plenty of male bachelors who live it up. Look at George Clooney (before getting married) and Leo Dicaprio. They are/have been successful bachelors for years! Often celebrated in the media. Yet look at Jennifer Anniston. Always see headlines on mags for her being "Sad and alone" "Dream of starting a family shattered!". That poor woman can't win. Seems like she is truly happy with her husband but people won't leave her alone and let her live her life!


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  • It's bullshit to build up their fragile little egos. Men are just fine being alone, so we don't need our back patted for it.

    • And women do?

    • Yes. All the antidepressant prescriptions and "You're so Strong, Empowered, and Independent for doing things that adults are supposed to do, like paying your own bills" articles prove my point. Women thought they were being 'liberated', and they could join the glamorous world of 'work', but they're discovering that they don't like being alone and having to actually support themselves after they've run face-first into The Wall. I've seen a few articles that make me chuckle and think women never grow up past 15. If I cared enough, I'd start saving them, name the folder "SchadenLULZ". But I can't be arsed, and they pop up often enough and are written similar enough that there's no point in saving them. Just like the "Where Are All the Good Men?" articles, if you've read one, you've read them all. And another will pop up soon, and will be essentially the same as the last two dozen.

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  • Because men do much worse, on average, alone, as compared to women.