Gym trainer was looking at me and reading me?

Today I decided to open up a gym membership. I talked to a sales rep, and he took me on a tour. Then I talked to a manager, about opening up the account. He told me he was going to introduce me the personal trainer afterwards, and pointed to the back. I looked at him and he was starting at me with no emotions. I could feel him starting at me afterwards but didn't really look. When I looked at me again later he was looking at me, but half his face was behind a computer screen. Semi smiling and just glaring. He was trying to read my body language.
anyways, I set up a meeting with the manager to see the personal trainer tomorrow. I didn't speak to the personal trainer at all today. The personal trainer called me two hours later, confirming the appointment. Which I found kind of odd. He was asking me random questions about my goals in fitness, when I already told the manager and he wrote it down.
Anyways. I'm seeing him tomorrow, and I'm kind of attracted to the personal trainer. What should I do?


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  • I think you're overthinking it...

    • You didn't really give me the advice I asked for

    • I mean the question (or lack thereof) had to do with him checking you out. I think you're overthinking it. And if you do like him, ask him out. Probably get to know the dude first, though... Maybe also figure out if this whole relationship thing with your maybe kinda sorta is kosher

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  • Continue paying attention to the way he behaves but keep your thoughts clear. It's normal for a personal trainer to ask people about fitness goals, it happens all the time at the gym I go and maybe he was looking just to see if you would really go on with the membership and stuff like that.

    If you're kinda attracted to him, just take things slow, he's there to train you. Maybe he's attracted too, maybe he's not. Let's not jump into conclusions. Just see how the situation goes.


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