Why do people say that my sisters' suicide is a legitimate excuse for lying to get me in a mental hospital?

When I was a child and my parents took my sister to a mental hospital she was denied admission even though my mom said she told the truth about her symptoms and two days later she committed suicide. So when I had depression as a teenager she lied to get me in and all it did was make my depression worse and it made me afraid to seek help years down the rode which led to my suicide attempt. People say I shouldn't be mad at her for that because of what happened to my sister. But why was she so hurt by losing my sister? My sister was always angry and violent. She fought with my parents all the time and hated them. So why was my mom so sad about losing her in the first place?

Her suicide note read:
Mom and Dad, Fuck you.


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  • Im sorry. I can't sympathise with you on the suicide of a loved one, But i can on unwillingly being put into a mental hospital for no good reason. although it wasn't a long stay for me because they said i shouldn't be there, it was awful. so awful. thats a horrible thing to do to a person.

    • Did your parents send you there?

    • No. i pissed off the wrong nurse at the ER who put me on a 5150 and lied saying i wanted to hurt myself when i was just there for stomach pain.

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  • Angry or not, she was still your parent's child. Of course they would be sad of her passing.

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