Black Lives Matter Movement, did you believe these myths?

To me, how she explained it is how I saw it from the beginning, simply because that's the way I think and view things. But what about you?

Also, I don't have time for anon trolls. I'd love to here from everyone (honestly, it's just nice if you see the video) But if you're going to troll or be your normally boorish self, have the balls and commitment to 1) show your username and 2) create 50 accounts because you're kicked off the site every few weeks.

Best guys and gals :)
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Official Black Lives Matter movement website: for general questions on mission, history, principles, etc.


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  • I think "black lived matter" has taken on a symbol-like interpretation like a flag. What she explained was her personal interpretation of "black lives matter" and my personal opinion is, I agree with everything she said. In fact, I think what she said was communicated very well.
    The problem or challenge "black lived matter" is that it means different things to different people, just like the confederate flag means "slavery" to some people and "liberty to live without federalism imperialism" to others, then meaning is further blurred with the people, just like a sport's teams fans, bring more meaning and their behaviour starts to define its meaning. All of these challenges is why she has felt a need to communicate and make this video, the problem with "black lived matter" is the lack of effective communication, the emotional backlash due to that lack of communication and frustration and that has given it new meaning.

    • Damn phone "black lives matter"

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    • It reminds me of 99% movement. Like you mentioned no leadership like "MLK" everyone could just turn to him so he can make the message concise, and promote solidarity. With 99%ers, Black Lived Matter is there isn't a clear message but that's not the biggest problem. The second biggest problem is there is not definitive proposed solution and therefore the biggest problem is subsequently, there no understood path of a goal because of it.
      I think at this point, the African American Community simply wants everyone to recognize there is a problem, as the culture gets so polarized like "global warming isn't really happening" and it's not realistic then will get everyone on board to understand, it's impossible. 9'ly black people fully understand the black experience so it's more important to make a goal and plan and work backwards and be more proactive, less about reaction to the fact many white folks won't get it

    • This is the problem when you have lack of leadership

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  • I didn't, because I've got common sense. I doubt these people will stop and listen though.


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  • MTV is hardly a credibly source of information for anything, they're a bunch of idiots who spout whatever is trendy and will gain them attention.

    These are the people that

    Believe reserve racism doesn't exist and that black people are literally incapable of being racist.

    Yet you see BLM members and others being racist all the time not to mention the person that was the inspiration for BLM is Assata Shakur, otherwise known as Joanne Deborah Chesimard a radical feminist and Marxist revolutionary as well as a convicted cop killer who is on the FBI terrorist most wanted list and is currently at large. Who been a member of at least 3-4 well known black supremacy terrorist groups who have killed 10-20 white people/cops.

    MTV also denounces and looks down on men and used feminists in one of it's videos to symbolically denounce us because people were talking about men during women's history day *rolls eyes.

    And lets not forget how MTV thinks Halloween is racist but only if you wearing white costumes like cowboys or black costumes or Mexican costumes.

    MTV is complete garbage and brainwashes people, anybody who practices common sense and has basic education can see that if you seriously use them as a credible source of information for serious topics like this then you need help.

    O and here is a fun little video utilizing actual real statistics from reputable sources like the FBI that debunk the majority of what you've shown.

    • actually there was an mtv show that used white people facing racism in america lol

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    • I think there's often a disconnect between reality and what we'd like to perceive, from both ends. It often seems like people think within the black community there isn't a push for young black men and women to avoid drugs and violence... I mean, go to a black church in the south, that's what youth day is about-telling children they have promise and to stay in school. And movements like BLM isn't the only group to want that. Are there bad apples, hell yes. But is the entire group tainted, hell no. Do people skew the message, hell yes. But it didn't start out that way, and that's not what happens all the time, and the driving message is not hate-it's about accountability and the valuing of lives.

    • @Prof_Don my point flew over your head. I was not undermining any group, what I was showing you was that mtv literally baits at any time possible

  • First one is incorrect, it implies that cease fire and black lives matter is the same, they are not, and cease fire was founded and created by a white man Gary slutkin. It is further incorrect as it states their is no negative consequences to killing of blacks, their is and always has been however if you look black cops who kill whites don't suffer consequences so its completely one sided. It also ignores that in almost every case (and yes their are exceptions) the person in question was either openly hostile, violent or non cooperative and since police officers are trained to expect violence and do get shot at its only natural that they be on edge, otherwise they get shot. It also has outrighted chanted about killing cops, members have applauded those who kill cops etc. As for the crime statistics, whites make up 63% of the total population so whites killing whites is not really unusual since its the largest group, however she ignored the fact that 52% of all murders (not violent crimes but specificly murders) are commited by blacks according to FBI statistics meaning that while whites are more likely to kill whites blacks are more likely to kill in general. It also ignores the fact that when interracial violence does occur it is almost always black on white (at about 80% or so) and this also holds true with blacks and Hispanics, that is 80% of interracial violence between blacks and Hispanics is predominantly commited by blacks on Hispanics. So completely misleading the viewer with those claims. So stating that black on black violence isn't a thing is not only wrong but its intentionally misleading as all data shows that their is significantly greater violence within the black community then any other group in America by a significant margin (blacks being responsible for 52% of all murders despite making up only 12% of the population literally killing more then 4x the amount per population). Again the poverty rates etc are also inaccurate. The reason why they have "higher rates" is because they are a smaller portion of the population, their are far more poor whites, going to poor schools then any other group its simply that being over half the population those numbers get more diluted (its not racial its simply probability larger population the more likely you are to have richer people. If however they made up the majority and suffered these numbers then you could rationally argue that its due to unfair advantages). Plus blacks who immigrate do 3x

    • better then native blacks and better then many whites in generally so one cannot claim its racism when only one portion of the race is "affected" while the other is completely unhindered and in fact seems to have an advantage. If one is poor and one is not then you cannot claim its the one trait they have in common that is holding one back and not the other, clearly it is something else.(same holds true for poor whites who do not have nearly the same rates of violence as poor blacks, if they are both poor but one is provably more violent then its not because they are poor). They also neglected to mention that the reason why their is a stronger police presence is because of higher crime rates in those areas. They do it by need not by race (in fact when police entered those neighborhoods crime rates dropped). As for the claim of being marginalized, their are multiple laws that only benefit blacks and minorities and none that discriminate so that is also inaccurate.

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    • The only two options avialble to fix this situation is to either remove police presence all together in order to allow for the violence to reach such sever levels that the black community will actually have no choice but to step up and deal with it while also removing their scape goat so they have no choice but to acknowledge said violence (along with society). Or two to have the black community discard their victim complex admit that its not white neighborhoods plagued with gang violence and crime but theirs and thus have them step up and fix their communities on their own. These are the only two options and as this video has shown people are more then willing to feed the dilusion of racism despite multiple laws benefiting blacks and minorities (none benefit whites) and the fact that we have had a black president running for two terms who won not only the electoral vote (thus proving their is no systemic racism) but also the popular vote

    • thus proving that racism is not wide spread or even common (at least as it pertains to whites being racist towards blacks, the reverse sadly is perfectly common as is evident by this video and the black lives matter movement).

  • They wouldn't get shot if they'd just do exactly as they're told.

    • Yes because the guy who was taking care of a disabled person and had his hands up wasn't doing what he was told... that argument doesn't always work.

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    • But white people get discriminated against way less than other races. Am I saying that everything will. be completely equal and everyone will be happy? No, that is not possible. But changes can still be made because North America is not even close to perfect.

    • @CisScum neither is anyplace else. Get over it

  • Hmmm an MTV video trying to explain something? Do they like, expect to be taken seriously? XD
    After the video shitting on men, I don't take MTV seriously anymore. That's like taking Jezebel seriously hahahah

    More bullshit to get people to not see the reality. She forgot about the myth about them being racist... oh wait, I guess that's difficult to debunk :/

    This ones the best one:

    • Taking the peripheral route.

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    • @Phoenix98 Exactly. The cop that shot the man in NC was black, but still BLM targets white people. They don't care about black lives, police brutality or whatever they say they fight for. Actions speak louder than words, and their actions show us something completely different. Only a blind person isn't capable to see all they're doing.

  • MTV is garbage and mind control
    BLM is garbage because it it makes only blacks the center of attention for police brutality.

    Strawman arguments about white vs. white crime, and comparing it to black on black crime, doesn't really solve anything
    also black are more likely to commit crimes, sorry but its statistically backed, especially in large cities

    Also "Institutional racism" itself is a myth, there aren't any laws that discriminate against blacks anymore. so racism hasn't been institutionalized in years

    She says, that the media, suggests black lives dont matter. Although she is part of the media, and American media is almost dominated by black singers, athletes, actors etc

    Blacks aren't excluded from the media, and most of the media is leftist, and covers almost all BLM protests fairly categorizing them as protesters.

    Blacks are more likely to be killed by cops, and arrested because they commit more crimes, therefor they proportionately have more interactions with law enforcement

    If you get your information and political ideas from MTV and not history and factual evidence, you are allowing the producers of programs like "Decoded" to control you

    • I don't have the time to reply to this all tonight because I have an 8 am class. Butttt, I can touch on one thing now.
      "Blacks are more likely to be killed by cops, and arrested because they commit more crimes, therefor they proportionately have more interactions with law enforcement"
      Lets focus in on one type of crime, selling drugs. Black people are not selling much more often, rather, they're doing it in the open more often than whites, (who usually sell and use at home and between friends) If you're selling drugs outside, you're more likely to get caught-however, that doesn't mean they're doing it more.

      And they don't do drugs much higher than whites either.

    • at a much higher rate*

    • what are you trying to argue? That whites are just as violent or as criminal than blacks?

      Cause that's not really an argument

  • Honestly people just don't realize that black lives matter is specifically more about the corrupt police and racism in law. Saying arguments about black on black violence is completely irrelevant, especially since there are other movements about black on black violence.

  • Still not a fan of the movement.

    Also, since when is MTV a reliable source. If someone had posted Fox news as a souce they would get ripped apart πŸ˜‚

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    • It's just nice if you see the video. It isn't a hate video. He gives her credit, when she makes a good point. Which is rare, but he does give her credit.

  • I've understood that the name 'Black Lives Matter' doesn't mean "ONLY black lives matter", but rather "Black lives matter too" and that it isn't exclusive just like the term 'women's rights' wasn't exclusive to men's rights during the suffrage movement in the U. S.

    As for #1, although an overwhelming majority of blacks and whites murdered are murdered by their own race, why can't the group still condemn the black-on-black violence? The group is named 'Black Lives Matter', so it'd be hypocritical to criticize one aspect that affects black lives and ignore another: like saying "Black lives matter ONLY if a police officer was behind the trigger." If one counter-argues "Well, then why don't we talk about white-on-white violence too?", why *shouldn't* the group be called "All Lives Matter' like it's so often said that it should be? I have no problem myself with calling white-on-white crime just that. Also, even if there is an organization to reduce the violence, many more people have still been killed there than soldiers in Afghanistan since the Afghan War started - and that makes it a major issue still.

    I'm also aware that the bad actions of some Black Lives Matter "activists" don't reflect on all BLM activists, but why doesn't the organization condemn the actions of the people who use the 'BLM' name to block traffic and cause riots - which has horrible impacts on blacks as much as whites? They haven't as far as I know, but if they have, okay; but if they indeed haven't, then that's hypocritical.

    On to #4, it's true that percentages are more reliable than numbers themselves: but if police officers "hunting" black people is such a major issue within law enforcement, why are more white people still being killed? And why couldn't those officers hide behind the "blacks commit more crimes" card to kill more blacks, especially when they can get away with it as the video suggests they can? It'd take several years' worth of black people being killed by police officers to equal the average number of black people killed by other blacks in one year: so the point of the references to black-on-black crime is to bring up the fact that police officers AREN'T the main reason for blacks being murdered. That's not to say that black-on-black murder is a bigger issue than police brutality (when it deserves to be called such) and white-on-white murder, and that the latter two are lesser matters: that's where an All Lives Matter movement would come in more beneficial than 'BLM'.

    • I forgot to include it, but the last sentence of the second paragraph refers to the violence in Chicago, which is mentioned in the video.

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  • These people aren't going to stop and listen.

  • Who explained, im missing something here. Is there a video?
    WTF man, why can't i be anon?
    What TF am i supposed to do in my basement all day now?
    This is the face of oppression DX killme!

  • inb4 "If they listen to the cops they won't get killed"
    That's what people tell hostages. "Do what i say or else ill shoot you"
    We shouldn't have to live like that.

    • There's seems to be a lack of training to deescalate a situation, rather, it's shoot first and no consequences later. Though, the indictment of the officer that shot Walter Scott was a move in the right direction. We do have a " constitutional right β€œto be free from the use of unreasonable force by a law enforcement officer.”"

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    • What cases are those exactly? Ferguson where they made the same claim (and those same people who are protesting proceeded to loot, riot and burned their own town) despite all evidence video and witness all showing that it was self defense to an extreme degree? Or how about like here in Chicago where they claimed a white cop pulled a gun on an unarmed black teenager for no reason, but when you actually revue the full clip not the clip that most media used you clearly see the supposedly compliant teen going behind him as he tried to deal with the situation which would very much be considered a hostile move at which point he drew his gun and told the kid to get on the ground, who of course ran and then he reholstered his gun. You mean situations like that? Sure shit happens. That doesn't mean its common. I was abused as a child, does that mean every child in America is abused? How about half? a quarter? See where this is going? Its an absurd claim.

    • In short your saying that because some times things happen that all of them should be punished, that its white cops, even though black cops do the same exact thing and have no coverage what so ever, its only white cops who do it because "racism"(which of course itself is racist). The fact is your arguing that the men who get shot at, who have to go into dangerous situations every day should just assume the best possible scenario every time regardless of how belligerent or combative the person is and just hope everything goes well? Basicly what your saying is that the police officers lives don't matter and they should risk themselves as well as every one else around them just in case the various people who don't comply are actually not violent. That is a terrible idea. yes accidents happen but considering that we have a population of over 324 million people and these incidents rarely occur (and occur far more frequently to whites not blacks) I don't see this as a real issue.

  • Do you like Black People?

  • I agree with the premise of the video that these myths were just that - Myths

  • BLM is bullshit.. i didn't buy it for a split second

  • black lives matter is a terrorist organization

  • they're a black supermacist body... no better than then the people they despise.


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  • I hear a lot of rationalizations. White people aren't killing each other at the same rate as Black people are. Most White murder victims are killed by White murderers.. but these make up a much lower percentage of the White population than Black murder victims.

    So Black on Black crime IS a thing based on the amount of crimes being committed by Blacks against other blacks vs their population size.

    Her assertion that Black people do not commit more crimes is FALSE when measured per capita.. which is most important.

    As for indictment for use of excessive force.. that's very very tricky and really is NOT a race issue. It may seem like one but that's only because of how many crimes Blacks are committing in areas where police are most likely to use force.

    In most cases these officers, who belong to ALL races, genuinely believe their lives are at risk. We have to rely on their discretion to keep them safe. Do mistakes happen? Sure. But rarely. And they are even more rarely malignant and even more rarely racially motivated.

    I honestly heard nothing in this video that justifies a hateful movement that incites so much violence. The police and White people are not your enemy or the cause of your problems. She listed them.. poverty and education.

    Do you think you're gonna become smarter and richer by whining and seeing yourself as an immobile victim of oppression? Fuck no.

    • "Do you think you're gonna become smarter and richer by whining and seeing yourself as an immobile victim of oppression?" Why would you even assume something like that, and where was that insinuated in this video?

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    • rug* haha, wow, too much red hot chili peppers.

    • I know I shouldn't narrow it down to a race thing. It may be other things, but race relations are TENSE rn. But yeah. I'm glad we worked this out lol.. I don't like being mean/hurtful.

  • You know MTV is racist against white people, right? Especially the series with that girl. Nothing is trustworthy, they're like Buzzfeed.

  • Watched the first few minutes... it's nothing we haven't heard before.