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Today my grandfather went shopping for food while my grandmother and I sat in the living room of our apartment on the 14th floor. He opens the door with some woman in her 50's holding her stomach. She runs to our bathroom, comes out, says "Thank you", gives him a couple of bucks (cash), and goes out.
My grandmother got furious at him saying that he should not allow strangers from the first floor up to our apartment to use our bathroom. "Who knows who she is? Maybe she placed a spycam in our bathroom, are you out of your mind? etc. etc."
What are your thoughts on him allowing this stranger up to our apartment on the 14th floor so she could use our bathroom?
And do you think it's suspicious?

  • Yes, it was nice of him
  • No, he should not have done that
  • Other
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  • If they were visiting a friend or living there they can use their own bathroom. I'm sure there were other bathrooms on the way to your building. Also if they did let them in I'd check to see if anything was moved or changed. Even if you do let someone use your bathroom why would they give someone money for it? In some countries there are laws regarding bathrooms for long range travellers. But if your in the middle of nowhere there are bushes to be had and in a city there are plenty of chances to find a coffeehouse, restaurant, or business building that has a bathroom they could use. I would refuse to let any stranger in my place unless I expect them or unless they are formally wearing the housing complex uniform and have a official form to perform some maintenance.


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  • Hmmm, why was she there? Most apartments are controlled entrance so there is no reason for someone off the street to be there. Does sound fishy to me. People suck, no I would not allow that. too many fucktards out there.


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  • "Would you do this"

    "Yes, it was nice of him", "No, he should not have done that"

    Options have nothing to do with the question.