Astrologists, or anyone who knows a lot about astrology and zodiacs, please help:)?

I'm an Aries (F 18 y/o) and my flirt/crush is a Gemini (M 19 y/o)
I know, that Gemini's tend to be playfull by nature and can't really stick to one girl, but how can I tell if he likes me?
I usually sleep at his place after partying, we hang out there until around 5/6 pm the day after, and then he drives me home. When sober the morning after, he still likes to cuddle and kiss me, but gets a bit more careful.
When I see him at school, he usually just says hi, smiles and walks past.
He's quite a ''bad guy'', so he keeps it sort of low key.
We never had §ex, but he still takes me home to his place.
Last Saturday someone told me that he had been drunk two weeks before, and had §ex with another girl. As usual, I slept at his place, and asked him about the girl. He was honest and didn't try to cover it up, but told me that he really regrets it and said ,, I knew I shouldn't have gone out that night. I didn't go out the weekend after, because of it..'' And stuff, and he seemed genuine.
Then we lightly talked about what we felt, not in a ''do you like me'' kind of way, but e. g. he said, that he never thought I would be with him, because he thinks I'm above his standard... I don't know if he just says that to make me happy, but it seemed genuine.
He remembers seeing me in the audience at a festival in July (I've known him since June), and thinking I was pretty.
He has never messaged me, and we have never hung out alone (besides when I've slept at his place), but we hang out in our group of friends, and he drove me home one night when he saw me drunk and cold outside (I had been at a party). I think he talks to his friends about me, e. g. My friends have said ''Yeah, he said his dad seems to like you'' when I said his dad smiled at me on the street, & that he talks about that he would like to sleep with me, & when I walk past him in a bar or something, his friends usually tease him and say ''Hey, your girlfriend is here!'')
So.. does he like me, or is he only after §ex?


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  • He may like you. He seems genuine. I feel you should hold up a bit on having sex with him because if you do he might act weird and funny. I think It's good how you guys have things now. The only ree flag was him having sex with that girl. Yes gemini guy's can be players and they have no problem leaving a girl for another girl. I known some personally and have friend's who guy friend's are gemini guy's and they all seem to act the same. So tread carefully with him.


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  • I will Admit as far as "Gemini" Goes here, d ear, the other Twin in Us has problems With... Commitment.
    We are very Unique though, and there are Qualities in us that are Good one End, and maybe Naughty on another End, which You have seen.
    I believe that at the moment, you are this Chase and Challenge and he Likes this, finds it Interesting. Go slow with Joe and don't give in too fast. Try and Nurse and Nurture something special and even if You have to give him your own Number first, you will learn in Time.. If he is the right Number for you.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for the Like. Gemini's always remember their manners. lolxx

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    • Update, he just told me about his crush.. And it isn't me.

    • Wow, it sounds like you found out his "Bad boy" side then. xx

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