Do event Pokémon affect your completion of the Pokédex?

Yes I'm a nerd get over it however I was doing other stuffand playing Pokémon games for a long time and I'm just getting back into it. So excuse me for my 23-year-old ignorance.

I was wondering do event Pokémon stop you from completing the Pokédex or are they add-ons to the Pokédex and doesn't affect you from completing the original Pokédex I was in the game I'm playing Pokémon Y so I know I'm going to have to trade some stuff but I would like to be able to complete the Pokédex and this one and I am hoping that event Pokémon cannot affect the Pokédex that you can originally get without participating in events


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  • Never got in to Pokemon, I liked lord of the rings and pretend I was an elf as a kid