Androids have so many problems? Switch to iPhone?

I have been using Android for years...

At first I never had issues, but the past few years my phones have been really buggy...

Software updates really screw up the phone, Google Play services crash, weird items stop working, mostly software issues...

I am really sad because I got a LG G4, A phone that I thought would be really good, I used it for a few months and now the motherboard died... It is under warranty and getting fixed...

But I am starting to wonder if I should get an iPhone... I really need a reliable phone that will work.. I phone is really important at my work, I can't have it crash and not work...

I really don't like Apple, their software, settings, iTunes, lack of customization and apps... But I wonder if I should get one?


Bonus questions

What's a good way to back up all info on an android, because I do a factory reset every couple months...

How do you know what phones are good? I thought the G4 was good because the G3 did well and LG was making the Nexus anyway.


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  • I have an LG G3. Bought it used 7 or 8 months ago. Have never had an issue


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  • I made the switch after my Note 2, it was just too buggy. All my android based phones had varying degrees of problems.
    My Note would randomly shut off, once like 6 times in a day. I don't think any of my Iphones ever shut off that many times the entire time i owned them.

    The Iphone interface sucks compared to Android. The switch wasn't easy.

    • The bane of Samsung

      No wonder it's their phone that exploded

    • I have 3 androids I cycle around right now, maybe I'll add an old iPhone to the collection

What Girls Said 1

  • Hey at least android phones still keep all their headphone jacks...

    • Maybe I am unlucky with Androids.

      I know Sony had a problem with this, plug in your headphones and that would screw up the software for your microphone... so people can't hear you when you make a call, then you need to keep your headphones in to call people...

What Guys Said 2

  • I think you were just unlucky with that G4.

    I have a Nexus 5X running Nougat and I don't have those problems.

    Samsung and other no name Chinese phones are expected to have stability issues though.

  • I have a lg and I never hade problem with it

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