Are men amd women members of different species?

I wonder men are some monkey type of species while women are some other superior type of species which has aesthetics and beauty.

Take for example the beard, a almost every man grows it and if left to grow all natural it looks like such an icky ugly thing while women on the other hand do not have any facial hairs.
Are men amd women members of different species?

Now moving on to body, the body hairs on the man is so dense and messy, most men do have hairy arms and whole legs , women on the other hand have very very fine lower leg hairs and forearms hairs.

Most men grow hairs on chest and belly (heck some even have hairy shoulders and back) while chest belly and back is the most hairless bare soft part of a woman's body.

Men and women are of two different species?
Men being uglier obviously would find better and aesthetically pleasing species to be appealing. Women merely put up with men because of male dominated society?

Are men amd women different species?


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  • Um... Im pretty sure most species have a male and female sex to reproduce more of that species... Did you even take biology class LOLL?

    Also as for body hair, have you ever heard of shaving? Some women actually grow more body hair than some males do but they shave it off. How much hair you grow depends on genetics (regional genetics especially, many Asians, men and women barely grow any body hair, while Middle Easteners both men and women grown a shit ton of body hair).

    If you're trying to troll then this is a damn shitty troll...

    • Many women might have bit more body hair ( read leg and arm hair only) than some men, bit they still don't have facial hair I mean that heavy facial hair which would be thick coarse and loooooooooooooooong and makes the face look ugly monkey types.
      Women don't have much /any chest, belly , back , shoulders, upper arms, butt cheeks hairs.
      I know biology

    • They do get facial hair, like I said, they normally pluck it or shave it off.
      I know many friends who struggle with constantly having to pluck facial hair (moustache, around chin etc).
      No you really don't know biology. Women are just far more likely to shave off their body hair or keep it very short because its deemed disgusting and unacceptable in society, while considered normal for men.

    • Shhhh.🙊🙏🤐🤐
      Just no need to say women do have facial hair that we pluck off blah blah blah.
      Those pics you showed are some very very rare things. Im general women just have five or so hairs , if they do, most in general have fine small small fuzzonly. man have HAS HAS for sure thick beard which if left to grow would make him look like a monkey.
      Got it?

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  • No, men and women are not two different species. That makes no sense. A species is, by definition, a group of organisms with similar traits which are able to reproduce with each other. Last time I checked, men can't reproduce with other men.

    • En and women have no similar trriats at all well in physical tes they don't at all

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