Does that mean I can get my seat when I go to the airport that day?

I've booked a flight and it says

"Seat assignments, special meals, frequent flyer point awards and special assistance requests should be confirmed directly with the airline"

"Confirm seats with the airline"

Or do I have to call someone beforehand?


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  • I would call them ahead of time just to make sure.

    What I *think* it means is that if you want a random seat assignment then you don't need to do anything. If you want to pick your own seat then call them. The randomly assigned seat will probably be a crap seat. If you want to pick your own, you'll probably have to pay extra for it.

    • Thank you, that is what I ended up doing!

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  • They sell seats at a premium. You can wait until 24 hrs. before your flight, go online & pick a seat at no extra charge.


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