Quick ways to make money?

I just sold a couple things on CL but I need more money still. My friend totally screwed me over for rent.

please spare me the smart ass (dumbass) remarks about hookers/drug dealing/any other stupid comments.


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  • Become a nightwalker for just 2 nights.
    If you manage to get at least seven guys to pick you up, at a $65 price range for each just for basic 1 hour sex you'd be looking at $455. That or you can keep on selling more of your stuff on craigslist.

    • congrats on being the first person to make a hooker joke you're faster than everyone else lmfao you da man

  • Got any line of credit?

    • definitely not lol

    • got any credit cards you can make a cash withdrawl out of? *interest is gonna be a bitch*

    • never have owned one

  • You totaly have a good frined

    • Yeah well.. not friends anymore that's for sure.

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    • Study what.. I'm a high school drop out and am definitely not an expert on anything. I write fiction and paint. That's about it

    • long term lend money and take rent

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