Pretty sure I was wrong fully fired?

I had an issue a few weeks ago. Called in because my great grandfather left the hospital for the nursing home and I was going to spend time with him. Was told it was OK then called the next day I called in because he died the next morning, phone was off the hook the entire day!!! Came in and told them what happened and they said it was a no call no show. So I was suspended for a weekend. After that I'd call every Sunday night to see if I was on the schedule and they would tell me I wasn't. Called this Sunday and was told I had to talk to the manager. He said I was fired because of the no call no show ( one day) which I got the suspension for and then for not coming in last week. I told him I called every Sunday and I guess he asked whoever was there after I said that. No one said they talked to me at all. I knew this was coming but that's some shady shit for my coworkers to do, when I was obviously talking to someone when I called for my schedule. I was going to quit anyways but really.


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  • "he died the next morning," :( I'm so sorry... And there's nothing I can do. You sort of remind me my issues are nothing compared to this. Good look surviving this.
    "No one said they talked to me at all. I knew this was coming but that's some shady shit for my coworkers to do, when I was obviously talking to someone when I called for my schedule." Fucking bastards!
    "I was going to quit anyways but really." So losing your grandpa isn't bad enough, you have to get fired just because you could not come that day? You know that's one thing I hate about your country: workers aren't considered human beings and nothing legally protects them. The HR manager doesn't like your face anymore and you're fired, thrown away like a cheap toy! So fucking unfair! You could have said him to lose his kids and to please come to work too that day. It's easy to judge when you're not the one being hurt. Oh you can write stuff about how this firm treats employees, just to teach them to treat grieving human beings LIKE human beings, not like shit. Because they did treat you like shit and that's unacceptable. So if you feel angry, know there are legal ways you can make sure your loss of a job backfires for them.
    And once again I'm sorry for you and all others that do the main work and always get the crumbles of the capitalistic cake.
    I mean I'm not against capitalism but it's gotta be regulated.
    And let me repeat myself once more: I'm pretty sorry for what you're going through and how you're being treated. It's pretty shocking.


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  • I know this sucks, but let it be a life lesson learned and move on. You probably do have a case, but you would have to prove in a court of law that you were on the phone. Phone records will only prove you called and how long the call lasted, but will not prove what was said or who you were talking to. By the time you get a lawyer and waste a bunch of time and money I don't think it would no longer be worth it for a job like that.

  • Relying on other people to give you your schedule is a huge mistake. Even if they lied to you it's on you to get your schedule.

    I didn't follow the part about calling in. Did you or did you not call and reach someone?

    Also, most places don't make exceptions for great grand parents passing.

    • I called off the first time, the day after I called off I couldn't reach anyone. They did make an exception and said it was ok, a death is a death, even if they didn't allow it's my family and I would not be worried about work. We don't have our own schedules, so when you work you go into the break room to see for next week, since I hadn't been in because of the death and suspension I would call for my schedule. No sense in driving 15 mins out just to look at a schedule.

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    • They didn't fire me solely for that but he mentioned that, it has to be three no call no shows to get fired. No its stupid to drive that far especially if the manager could just tell me, that's why they have where you can call

    • So then, why were you fired? For not being at work when you were told you don't have to be there?

  • You my want to consult with a labor law attorney to find out since you have phone records to prove you called.


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