I just started an internship and I'm thinking of quitting? Feedback is appreciated?

So I started an internship with a lot of jest. However, I am starting to get the feeling I won't be valued over there.

On my first day, the analyst in charge wasn't being friendly and in-fact, rude. She said 'whatever' to me once. Before going to she was like, 'feel free to leave whenever.'

The other intern recognizing her not very polite attitude said, "I think I'll just work on it on Monday," when I offered to work with him on a project. Stuff like that.


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  • if it's not your boss then screw them. they're haters. you will be valued and respected as you get more time in and more experience. I had to do interns for my job and it sucked, but it's a matter of earning respect and more importantly learning your job and gaining experience. if it gets bad enough I'd talk to your boss about the way your being treated or even human resources. don't give up!! I had ZERO experience when I started coding, I made 12$/hr and was the lowest of the low. now, 5 years later I make 45$/hr and I'm training others

    • Thank you for your story, it made me feel much better. The thing is, she is a paid employee whereas I'm unpaid and the boss is aware that I only plan on staying there temporarily. So I am aware unless she really crosses a limit, he is likely not going to tell her off.

      It's a very small firm, no hr department, just a few employees put together. It bothers me because I'm not even getting a pay cheque it's unpaid.

      I finished my work early once, and she said I could take a lunch break. When I came back, she switched my spot from the intern terminal (which she gave to the other guy), and me to the receptionist desk.

      I put up with stuff like that because I didn't want to complain on my first day but I have a feeling if I'm not firm she will continue doing this. I think she wants me to suck up to her but I'm not going to do that not out of ego but because that's not why I took the job.

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    • Later on the desk she gave me, the computer wasn't working and the file wouldn't save (his file). They spent a good 20 minutes on it, and the boss said, "This is a waste of time, to be honest," out loud.

      She didn't once say I asked her to switch etc. she was silent the whole time. Later on when I pointed out if the files are already open on this computer why can't we just work on here? She stuttered and said because it still has to be saved.

      The entire reason she wanted to send the file is so that the other guy on my old desk could review the material, and it was OPEN on this one... so he could just switch back.

      He definitely realized I caught on to what was happening and also changed. When I suggested we work on a project together as there was one computer, he said it was okay he'll work on it on Monday. He seemed red-faced and defensive saying SHE (as in me) can work on the marketing stuff.

      I was like wth? But I kept my cool because I knew they're not worth it

  • You know I'm in the exact position. I'm in an internship as well. I'm a nurse but everyone thinks and is convinced I'm just a CNA but I graduated in Nursing which is obviously not the same thing. Some of the girls treat me like shit and they almost cost me my internship. I felt so many times that I wanted to leave and give up but I haven't. So DONT give up. Work hard and keep trying. They will see that in you and value you more trust me. Be positive and do your best.

    • Why do women treat other women badly? Seriously it's a form of bullying and it's so sad that girls have to put up with all this even in the workplace.

      The thing is with this girl is she is around the same age as me, and I went to a better university program. So I am sort of convinced that she thinks I think I'm above her or something, but really... I just want to do my job.

      She switched my desk from the intern desk to the receptionist and it was obvious I was flustered by it. When I said I'll grab a pencil from my old desk, she was like oh I'll get it for you. I thought it was pretty insulting.

      I'm confused if she is threatened by me or she just doesn't like me. The other intern doesn't work as hard as I do, but she is actually very polite to him even when he asks her multiple questions over small things, which I never do out of politeness to her

    • I don't know it really sucks. Well maybe it's a combination of competing and that she doesn't like you. Kill her with kindness and defend yourself when needed. Don't show that something bothers you because they can use that against you. Do want you gotta do and own it! :)

    • Do you think she realized I was annoyed about changing of the desk? I am wondering if she really is rude or I'm over-thinking.

      I agree, I am thinking that tomorrow when I see her, I'll act as though I don't remember from last time and be very quiet. She will wonder why I'm so quiet and get the message.