Have you ever been to a haunted house?

Have you ever been and explain your experience
I've only been once
With my family
We went through a haunted forest

This was when I was like 13 or 14
I hated Halloween
When we went through I was so scared I was hiding behind my mom the whole time

Something scared me and I accidentally pushed my mom
She fell and rolled down a little hill

Something tall was chasing us
Since I was holding on to my mom
I realized it was after her not me because she was screaming so I let her go and went the other direction

She was telling the thing to take us
(her kids)
But it kept going after her..

Some ghost girl scared my mom and my mom told the little girl she needed to go home

It was more funny than scary


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, a Real One, hun. Halloween.
    Every Halloween, this One Erie Tavern puts on this Huge Horror Tour and All of the Scary and Hairy things to Go with it.
    There is a bit of History to this. Back in the 70's, someone got Hit by a Car in Front of this old Tavern and his Spirit is Supposed to still Exist even Now Somehow.
    Along with this, I used to live in a Huge old Rambling house that had its Own 'History' of Spirits, Witch were Not Wine and Spirits, I Witnessed, and also the People who Took it over when I had Moved out.
    Good luck and Great question, @FantasyGeek05... Sounds scary. xx


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  • No, so far never.


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  • Yes, I have been to a haunted house once. It was fun and not too scary.

  • Once a few years ago. I wasn't scared I thought it was cool and wish my bedroom was as creative as this place. I guess thats what happens when you love horror movies, you love the whole horror theme and can't be scared 🤔 I live in a legit haunted house too 👻👻 so I guess I am always surrounded by horror 😆

    • I only like scary things around this time a year
      Couldn't do it all year

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    • Lol I think its one of the ghosts, probably mad that we tore off the old wallpaper or something. Some people (or ghosts) I tell you lol.

    • Well Your house sounds fun 😅

  • I lived in a haunted bakery. Robert the ghost used to play the violin at night. You could hear it over the baby monitor in my brothers room.

  • nope never

  • Yes, I've been to Edinburgh castle.


What Guys Said 2

  • Yes, I've been to the famous Whaley house in San Diego.

    • what was your experience like?

    • It just felt like someone else was in the room with me, I wasn't really that scared by it cause I've already been there numerous times.

  • Yeah. As well as the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas