Why is work so depressing?

How do people live life after work, truly


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  • It helps if you do what you enjoy. I was lucky that I got to do what I truly wanted to do and it wasn't work to me

    • What is your career?

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    • Me personally, I hate sitting in an office all day...

      but keep I'm mind, no job is going to be 100% perfect... maybe you are in the wrong profession? You should be proud of your work and be happy most days :)

    • I am an aircraft mechanic

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  • when working got you depressed maybe its time to reconsider what you wanna do


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  • Don't work.

  • You need hobbies

  • It's hard, You need to do something you love and are passionate about to be happy...


    Do something you are good at to get payed well

    • I got a job in finance, but actually like marketing.

      I'm not bad at finance exactly. But I don't know if I'm passionate about it, more like I just feel good knowing I'm getting up and doing something productive.

    • Marketing is not too far off from Finance...

      You could talk to a marketer and see what its like, maybe shadow them for a bit at your work...

      You might be able to just transfer over to marketing, depending on the company... Otherwise the programs aren't too different could take a part time course to get it too...

      Do you feel good about the work you do?

      or Do you feel good that you aren't lazy and just at work?

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