Who will inform the new user?

I have found this site by chance. tell me how it si working and how to find the friends to chat with. Is it possible to create here group discussions?


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  • I doubt you'll be able to befriend anyone here haha


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  • A few tips:

    1) The basic principle is that you ask or answer questions.

    2) There are no group discussions here. Although you can comment on someone's opinion, as can anyone else - group discussions typically arise that way.

    3) You can follow the people you like here - although you will be able to message them only at exper level 2.

    4) Exper is xp bascially. You gain it by being active here - posting, asnwering, voting and etc.

    5) Folowing me is important. because reasons...

    • Oh, @ ThisDudeHere , I see that you are a real guru here. Thanks a lot for your instructions. I have already figured it out how it works and I hope to stay here for some time. lol

    • Sure. Good luck and a happy stay. And if you want to mention someone to a post, you put the @ sign right next to their name. @David753

    • yeah, I did it and put space by mistake