So I was walking back from the corner store and some guy all most backed into me with his big ass Suv what should I have done?

so i was walking back from the store and i see this guy walk out of his house get into his suv start the truck as I'm walking past he just backs up and i was like holy shit this guys not going to stop so i jump out of the way i go up to his window and say man you all most hit me with your fucking car come on man! and all he says is my bad my bad and i think he thought i was going to beat his ass he sounded kinda timed but i was thinking what if it had been a kid it made me angry but beating him up wasn't really worth the hassle i don't need to spend anymore nights in jail so what should i have done

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  • i voted i don't know


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  • .
    ^ That is your friend. Use it
    To answer your question, it is our responsibility to watch for cars, not just theirs. No matter how right you may be, if you get hit, you still lose. Common sense is key.


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  • you gotta pick your battles; most of the time it isn't worth it

  • Almost isn't the same as being hit. You should only be pissed if he did crash into your car

    • wasn't in a car i was walking and he was inches from hitting me