How can I stop feeling so alone?

I try to hangout with friends bur they ditch me or "forget" . there's not much for activities where i am at right now. I just am feeling a little depressed.

Family is too busy with their lives and don't want to talk... what do i do?


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  • if you put your trust in others, to make you feel good about yourself, you are ALWAYS going to be let down!!
    you have to find something, yours, that you can do, to feel good about you, without relying on others!! THEY will ALWAYS let you down!! They don't, intentionally, but they have their own issues, their own Demons, and can't be there, for you!!
    Only YOU, can believe in YOU, and make YOU feel good!! Find something you love to do, and do it, and don't rely on others for your happiness!! They will ALWAYS let you down!
    Happiness, and contentment, not feeling lonely, is all YOURS to decide, and figure out. Nobody can do that, for you, but YOU!!
    For some, a dog or cat helps, others, just a hobby or business. Some try to marry, and have kids, only to discover that isn't what they need, and they can't give it to you. They divorce, and fck up the kids!!
    For some, a teddy bear, a great hobby, or their own business does it, for them.
    Ultimately, YOU have to find it in YOU, and decide not to feel lonely, however you decide to do that. Maybe casual friends, meeting once in a while; maybe holidays with family. It's all internal, and in YOU to change 'alone' to 'OK'.


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  • Try new things and make new friends.


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  • I know your feeling i adapt to be lonely.

  • Be like me and get used to being alone. It's my way of life til I die


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