What will you do if your pension is $30K annunally?

Will you keep on adventure on career or investment?
Or to enjoy on something you like
Or still feel not enough


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  • Pay the tuition of my grandchildren

    • Will you put some annuity on a children as grandchildren who are adopted? They can have the annuity after you die?

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  • 30k p. a doesn't sound that much. Depends also on where you live.

    • Sorry USA dollar $300K, dont count health care cause It has been paid on insurance.
      Yes depends on location but what I really want to know what will you do base on "no worry" level

    • Difficult to answer, I am already on a no-worries level for years, yet I like to stay busy. Go to work, do statistical research etc. If I weren't working, most likely, I would travel a LOT!

    • I see, I saw many people did different from what they desired before. I think thay may be what they are on the life road or social constraints. However, retirement is big change but the desire influence your present decision to plan it. So it is weired about life.

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  • Buy clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and give some to my parent

  • I could get by on 30K a month fine.


What Guys Said 2

  • If your house and car are paid off that's just scraping by for one in my opinion.

    • No debt, paid off USA dollar
      dont count those will change.

    • sorry lost a zero $300K

    • I'd probably do something I like with some extra income so your just not barely meeting ends paying property tax, utilities, food & supplemental health care, etc.

  • Not much you can do on 30k a year these days.

    • But if you get it after 70, You can not act too much, Is it useful in your country?

    • No. You'd barely be able to survive.

    • Maybe if you lived in a caravan or something.