Is it weird I've never used any other social media besides facebook, and GAG obviously :p?

i used facebook a few years ago but deleted it a long time ago. it was just people posting shit about what they had for dinner and tagging themselves in pubs and crap.

i dont even know what the popular social media sites are these days but I've never used any of them. hell, even my phone is a crappy thing that cost £5 so i dont even have the popular apps that everyone uses. I have NEVER had a smart phone, and dont want one.

am I weird? anyone else out there like me?


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  • I'm well known on social media with over 22,000 followers lmao so I can't really relate, but I do think there are other people like you and it's perfectly normal.

    • It's actually sad that you feel that's brag worthy.

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    • @Catalie you dont need to defend yourself to me :p i just dont understand the whole social media thing.

      I dont even know what musical. ly is lol, but google is my friend and it seems like an app that you make music videos with?
      Thats not as bad as 22,000 people wanting to know what you had for dinner haha

    • @death_of_rats hahah yeah. and to be honest, social media is pretty stupid

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  • I just made a Facebook cause some friends say i should, but it took like 6 month of pestering for me to do it, now i have it just because i have added family there.
    I don't use cellphone either, so i don't do anything more. And here? i'm just trying to help.

  • There is probably quite a few like you - I only use GaG as well

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