It's the motherfucking zombie apocolypse! :O An opposite gender stranger is knocking on your door screaming for help. Do you let them in? Why/not?

We'll say the zombies are fairly far from your door. You will most likely be safe if you keep the door closed. But, you have enough space--seemingly--to open the door quickly, then allow this stranger into your home. The stranger is your reciprocal gender.

Also just for a bonus funsie, because I really enjoy this classic: "it's a zombie apocolypse. Your only weapon is what you have on your left. Do you have a good weapon?"

  • Yes. I let them in. It's the humane thing.
  • No. Self-preservation/family-preservation
  • Other
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  • I let them in but hold her at gun point and tell her to strip doen to prove to me that she hasn't been bitten. If she has, kill her, if she hasn't let her out her clothes back on and join my party. Strength in numbers.
    Then we discuss whether or not she was followed, does she have any other useful information etc and are there other survivors.


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  • I let him in, a strong man would be helpful


What Guys Said 1

  • I'd probably ask a couple quick questions. If they start panicking or anything or reply suspiciously, I'd not open.

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