Do I need to talk to a therapist?

So little background on myself, I'm 21 I've gotten drunk, done various drugs weed, shrooms, molly, adderall and steroids. My parents have been divorced basically my whole life. My dad was and is an alcoholic and verbally abusive. He's also has a very negative outlook on life and that definitely rubs off on me. My dads side of the family has a history with depression and I definitely feel like I inherited that. When I was younger I was antisocial and didn't have any friends. I feel alone pretty much all the time. I'm currently living at my dads house but it just doesn't feel like home. I used to be a really happy, nice and positive person. Now I'm just dark and self centered. When it comes to girls I lie and manipulate them, I'm also an asshole to them and I'm very self centered because that's the only way I prevent myself from getting hurt. I've had my heart broken in the past and its the worst pain I've ever felt. Whenever my heart gets broken I just feel empty and alone. I also have major anxiety and sleep insomnia. I'm scared because I'm 21 and unemployed and I have no idea of what I'm going to do in life so I just feel lost. My mom thinks I need to talk to a therapist is she right?


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  • It's a very good place to start. Realizing something isn't going right on your life is a huge step. Admitting you don't like certain things about yourself is a very important part of becoming who you really want to be. Genetics DOES play a very important role in many parts of our lives... my father and his side of my family are all various addicts of something. Alcohol, drugs, etc. I was fortunate to recognize this in them, and see that I am an addict waiting to happen! I've steered clear of drugs because I know there isn't any recreation to them for me... I can't just party on Friday night... its all or nothing for me! Find a therapist, test your comfort level with them and see if it helps, sometimes we're too close to the problems to see a way to fix them. It can't hurt right? The potential gain from learning how to do things differently at such a young age is limitless.

  • I'd agree with her- I think seeing someone could be helpful to you. Give it a try. And no matter what, don't feel ashamed about doing so.


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  • It doesn't cause any harm in talking to a therapist. You can and should definitely do it. It will help you. They have expertise in filling confidence inside people.

    You already know that a lot of things that you do are wrong. It is very good. It means you can change yourself as you have a clear idea about what's right and what's not. Be optimistic, fella. You can do it.

    First of all, immediately stop taking any anti-depressant medications. They cause more harm than good. They makes you addicted.

    Then, realise that you have to do something, you can't just sit somewhere and expect everything to get better by itself. You're just 21 so, you can stop caring about girls for a but time. Skip relationships and get your career on track first. Without money, you are doomed. Value time and make efforts for your career. If you made it, it would give you something to do. You will move out more (which is healthy), It will make a fixed schedule of yours (which will force you to sleep earlier) and make you feel satisfied about your life. You will have your own money and you'll be no longer dependent on your pessimistic dad.

    Everything will be alright. Then find a girl. A good partner will fill all of your voids of life. Yes, I know, it is so easy to say than actually doing, but ultimately, this is the only way. So, go and take proper advice from a good therapist.

    Good luck :)